A jacket designed to sit close to the body longer at the back and fitted around the waist. Equipped with a hood, buttons to close and 2 zip-pockets at hip-height. The jacket can be regulated using the belt and features a pleat at the back. The lining is exclusively printed and partially made using mesh to maintain the breathability. The jacket is made of waterproof, windproof and breathable Sympatex membrane.



AVAILABLE COLOURS: beige & grey wool

AVAILABLE SIZES: s m l (sizes come up small)


MATERIAL–BEIGE: 1.Layer: 53% PES, 47% CO; Membrane: 100% PES


WASHCARE:      ---------- --------


MATERIAL–GREY: 1 Layer: 50% PAN/25% PES/ 20% WO/ 5% div. fibre; Membrane: 100% PES; 3. Layer: 100% PES


WASHCARE:     -------------------



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