Designer-Jackets Made Using

High-Performance Material



-The idea behind the product-


The feminine, functional, and fashionable range

reforms the outdoor style market. The waterproof and windproof characteristics of the Sympatex® fabric ensure the wearer is protected from unpredictable weather conditions. Designed to follow the feminine silhouette, the fitted jackets endeavor to make you look good and feel comfortable at the same time.


Doerfel Clothing supports local industry

as the limited edition products are manufactured

by hand in London.


Sustainability is achieved by using recyclable laminates, whilst ensuring high quality for each garment.




A flattering slim fit blazer featuring elegant and functional attributes. It is a great choice for work,

as well as leisure.



An everyday coat for unpredictable weather. The versatile shawl collar can be draped, wrapped and styled to your individual liking.



A timeless and sleek fitted jacket. Easy-to-wear for all kind of occasions.




D o e r f e l  C l o t h i n g